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Astaxin dietary supplement
indications: diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol
- natural and safe
- clinically proven efficacy
Has been recommended by the Polish Association of Diabetes

Astaxin Vision

Astaxin Vision dietary supplement
- improves accommodates
- increases blood flow
- anti-inflammatory action
Efficacy equal to prednisolone, without the side effects

Lyprinol Sport Edition

Lyprinol Sport Edition
nnovative, patented marine lipid extract. Actively fights for inflammatory conditions caused by micro-ruptures of the muscle fiber and the strains of the joints. INCREASES respiratory efficiency through better transport of oxygen and increased exercise volume of the lung. It is a natural and safe preparation, completely devoid of side effects.


Extract from the New Zealand mussel Perna canaliculus
indications: rheumatism, arthritis
- natural
- lack of side effects
- clinically proven efficacy

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