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Polish base of refunded drugs

service on OSOZ platform
Quick Guide
To get started service user selects one of the classes of information available. After selecting a class displays a table with the powers that you may have. After selecting the appropriate powers and using the "Next" displays the search engine to facilitate finding a specific drug refunded of all items contained in the database.
After determining the appropriate search parameters are displayed in the table only those items meeting the search conditions.

ZAPŁATA PACJENTA - PRICE for the insured person

Check which drugs are reimbursed by health insurance

Drugs refunded service is a source of basic information about medicines reimbursed by the Polish Ministry of Health published in the Regulations. The database is dedicated to a broad public, with particular emphasis on patients, doctors and pharmacists.

The information in the table are presented in a way specially prepared for:

  • Patients - basic information,

  • Physicians or Pharmacists - specialized information, are more developed.

In addition to information presented in the table, you can get information about a specific drug equivalents (by clicking on the name of the product), the equivalent of the cheapest price is highlighted in red. Clicking on the price of medicine, we will learn what is the fees for each of the powers. Please note that prices quoted on the site is the maximum official price, so they may differ significantly from the price offered in our pharmacy that we can check using the check drugs function.

You can also perform an analysis of drug-drug interaction (see choice to study medicine after clicking on the symbol of a yellow triangle with an exclamation point, which is located in the first column of the table).

NOTE: prices quoted on the site relate to insured persons or foreigners with proper certification.

From 1 May 2004 citizens of EU, as well as their family members will be able to cover up the National Health Fund (NFZ).

Guests arriving to Poland can benefit from emergency medical care in the insurance from their country of residence. It is necessary to provide an E-111 certified before leaving for Poland by the competent national institutions. The E-112 along with the agreement entitles the insurer to come to Poland for medical treatment in situations other than emergency situations.

Students from EU countries are entitled to all medical services on the basis of an E-128.

Persons entitled to benefits and pensions are entitled to all benefits required during their stay in Poland. Being the pensioner confirms Form E-121.

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