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Pharmacy "Health"
8 Galileusza Street 60-159 Poznan
phone/fax 618 625 861
email: apteka@zdrowieapteka.pl
Entrance to Pharmacy ZDROWIE (Health)
About this website
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Markets since 1982. Now pharmacy belongs to a Polish pharmacists family, with traditions that go back to the early sixties of the last century. At our pharmacy we create a warm, family atmosphere. As the first pharmacy in the estate Copernicus, in the face of growing competition, we our best to be the best pharmacy in the area. For us the most important thing is health of the patient, and we realize our goal based on:

  • highest standards of service, flexibility and modernity
  • pharmaceutical expert advice and personalized approach to patient
  • a wide range of medicines and preparations available without a prescription
  • best price promotions and discounts
  • attractive programs, contests and magazines to promote healthy lifestyle
  • qualified English speaking staff
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