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Lyprinol sport edition

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Lyprinol sport edition

Available packages:
60 or 180 capsules


Lyprinol ® Sport Edition
is a natural marine lipid complex containing a concentrated extract of the New Zealand mussel Perna canaliculus.

Lyprinol sport edition

Innovative, patented marine lipid extract. Actively fights inflammatory conditions caused by micro-ruptures of muscle fibers and overloading the joints. INCREASES respiratory efficiency through better transport of oxygen and increased exercise volume of the lung. It is a natural and safe measure, completely devoid of side effects.

10% higher respiratory efficiency
50% shorter regeneration of the body
Higher efficacy than NSAIDs

Proven anti-inflammatory effects in states that Lyprinol can normalize:

  • swelling

  • pain associated with inflammation

  • stiffness

  • bronchospasm

  • muscle fatigue and injuries after a workout

  • sore joints

Additional benefits

  • healthy joints

  • deep breath

  • a healthy circulatory system

  • skin protection

  • reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

  • improving the balance of cholesterol, HDL and triglycerides

Lyprinol ® - POWER athletes

Excellent athletes performance depend not only on effective training. Nutrition is also a very important factor. To optimize the performance of the body, athletes can get a lot of energy by an appropriate choice of dietary supplements. Lyprinol ® is very effective in increasing the capacity, because it contains the rare fatty acids, which have a beneficial impact on many body functions.

It is worth mentioning that Lyprinol ®:


4 capsules should be treated as a daily minimum for athletes wishing to obtain optimum nutrition and high proportions of essential fatty acids.
During intense training before competition and during regeneration, it is recommended to consume up to 8 capsules a day.

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