Short history of Pharmacy ZDROWIE - "Health" Pharmacy Poznan

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Apteka Zdrowie

The history of our pharmacy from 1982

In 1982 was opened the first pharmacy in the new estate M. Copernicus in Poznan. This was the Cefarm point of pharmacy, headed for the years 1982-1990 by Anna Dopierala.

Since 1990, the company exists as a private pharmacy "Health". Pharmacy is based on the concession made by Doctor of Pharmacy Tadeusz Dopierala. Doctor of Pharmacy Tadeusz Dopierala was a pharmacy director in 1990-2008. Since July 2008 the head of the pharmacy is Master of Pharmacy Wojciech Dopierala.

Since 2005, the Pharmacy "Health" works in the new local prepared according to the plans approved by the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate in Poznan.

Website history

See what our website looked like in 2010 :)
Pharmacy "Health" Poznan, Poland, Galileusza street No 8

Welcome to the Pharmacy "Zdrowie" website. We hope you will like our idea for a pharmacy website, and its functionality will make you visit us often. We also invite you to visit our pharmacy!

The idea of creating a website was created at the end of 2009. Once we have established cooperation with OSOZ, had at our disposal business card page. The next step was to register a domain and redirect it to the OSOZ page. At the same time have supplemented our data to Google Local Business Center. This allowed us to exist on the Internet, but it turned out to be insufficient. We wanted to create a distinctive site that would allow us to communicate important and interesting information, but at the same time we wanted to keep full control over the project and ensure possibility of fast and frequent updates. When we already had an idea we needed a more suitable tool. Quickly find the program that gave us the freedom to choose and do not require programming knowledge or knowledge of image processing. It was just enough  to build our site. After a few months we can enjoy our own website. We hope that it will meet your expectations, and we will try to frequent updates and constant expansion and updating our site so that it became fully professional showcase of our pharmacy.

  The website was renewed in 2022   
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