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abc Apteki

Aptetyt na zdrowie

Gazeta na zdrowie

Indeks OTC

Moda na Zdrowie

Poradnik Zdrowego Człowieka

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Here you can read articles from current issues of journals

In this section we bring closer topics of magazines and newspapers available free of charge to patients purchasing from our pharmacy.

abc Apteki - - thematic profile

abc Apteki"abc Apteki" is a free monthly referred to the pharmacy. Readers will find tips for both the care of infants, the prevention of childhood diseases, as well as advice on health issues of adolescents, the age-related diseases and the elderly adult. Color 32 pages with fixed rubrics, such as crosswords and horoscopes, it certainly makes interesting reading. In June 2009 appeared the hundredth edition of the monthly, which shows to the 9-year presence of the title in the market.

Apetyt na zdrowie

Apetyt na zdrowieBimonthly "Apetyt na zdrowie" is a magazine of preventive health care. Important information, tips, interviews with experts, the statements of famous people, trivia, stories of our readers are placed in permanent sections with a clear layout that makes it easy for readers to reach to interesting content.
Permanent rubrics:
1) Introduction to a number ...........
8) Diagnostics
2) Noble Health ............................
9) Travel
3) Beauty and Health ...................
10) Hobbies
4) The Psychology of Everyday ......
11) Report of the doctor
5) Famous Health ........................
12) Culinary
6) According to the physiotherapist 13) Culture
7) Topic of the number..................
14) Entertainment

Gazeta na zdrowie

Gazeta na zdrowie"Gazeta na zdrowie" is a magazine which comes out in cycles of Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter. In extensive articles describes how to deal with everyday health problems, shows examples of true stories, the preparations used in the daily diet can be helpful in disease prevention and treatment of many diseases. In the magazine you can also find interviews with celebrities, culinary department and a crossword puzzle with prizes.

Indeks OTC

OTC IndexProfessionally produced, divided by ranges of indications "OTC Index" is published annually. Includes presentation of products available in pharmacies without a prescription along with their detailed description. It is a handy guide to the preparations and cosmetics, led to the patients of pharmacies, and its aim is to help them choose the right product.

Moda na Zdrowie

Moda na ZdrowieOur regular customers receive innovative and exclusive magazine "Moda na Zdrowie" ("Fashion for Health"), which is considered as a fashionable HEALTH style for the whole family. Monthly "Moda na Zdrowie", covers topics related to the broad health. They are placed in fixed sections with a clear layout that makes it easy for readers to reach to interesting content. Each section begins review of the latest information titled "at a glance".

In every issue

  • LIFE: Psychology. Sex. Contacts. Work. Phenomena and civilizational threat and stress. Exclusive interview about "fashion for health" with a famous person.

• HEALTH: Health Problems. Disease. Prevention - advice for the active people and their families. Box for mothers: "Your child". Tips from physicians of all specialties and pharmacists.
• NATURE: Alternative Medicine and natural healing properties of herbs and plants. Homeopathy. Any other natural methods of healing.
• BEAUTY: Skin Care. Cosmetics for your body and relax. New trends in the global cosmetics industry.
• KITCHEN: What you eat, how to eat, when to eat, what to drink? Low-calorie, healthy food. Diet. Treatment with food. Products that cure.
• TRAVEL: How and where healthy rest in Poland and abroad.
• LEXICON OF HEALTH: Presentation of medicines available at pharmacies without a prescription.
• regular columns: List of readers. Entertainment, contests for readers and "healthy" awards.

Poradnik Zdrowego Człowieka

Poradnik Zdrowego Czlowieka"Poradnik Zdrowego Czlowieka" (Guide for Healthy Man) is a free monthly magazine devoted to health and natural medicine appearing since 2003. The articles are given extensive information and valuable advice to promote a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and the use of dietary supplements in the daily diet, disease prevention and treatment of many diseases. In the magazine you can also find interviews with celebrities from the headlines and competitions with attractive prizes.

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