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Ordering drugs - here you send an order for selected drugs

Our on-line pharmacy
online pharmacy
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The new online pharmacy

               The new online pharmacy  

Already opened a brand new online pharmacy iApteka1 - where we combined pleasure of buying with an extremely wide range and attractive prices. Our motto is Enjoy your health, we deliver straight to your home or if you prefer we provide personal collection at Pharmacy Health Poznan - check out now

Order prescription drugs and pick up at the pharmacy




Name of medication ... - Here you should enter a drug name and the dose and the size of the packaging of the drug.

Mobile phone - while providing a mobile phone number you receive information about the possibility of receiving the ordered drug.

OTC Products
- all drugs available without a prescription, please order through our online pharmacy iAPTEKA1

Prescription medicine -
issue only on the basis of a valid prescription. Shipping is impossible.

- In response to an order, we will contact you and provide you a special offer.

Deadline for pick-up -
drugs ordered in our pharmacy should be collected within 5 days from the date of the order.

- drugs are shipped after payment is received

- we use your personal data only to perform the submitted orders, by both the Internet and in our pharmacy. The data are not used for marketing purposes.

Personal collection
Shipping address (OTC Products)

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