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Welcome to the Pharmacy "Zdrowie" website. We hope you will like our idea for a pharmacy website, and its functionality will make you visit us often. We also invite you to visit our pharmacy!

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Here you'll find lots of interesting information about your health and our services enable you fast:

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find cheaper alternatives for your medicines browsing service "reimbursed drugs"

Discovering the secrets of our bookmarks you become familiar with our offer, you will learn why you should visit our pharmacy and how we take care of your health.

On the home page you will always find important information such as: organized by us dermoconsultations, competitions and planned emissions ePruf discount card. Other news we publish on our blog in the drawer News and RSS feed.

Pharmacy For you

We are a family pharmacy with a long tradition. The patient is always the most important for us, which is why our pharmacy provides

The highest standards of service, care for the patient and an individual approach to his needs

Professional pharmaceutical advice provided by experienced and highly qualified staff promoting a healthy lifestyle,

A wide range of healthy and natural dietary supplements, medications and over-the-counter preparations

Come and check us out,

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Health by nature

Support your health with the best products

Throughout the years of activity, we have made sure that health and well-being require a holistic approach - from the inside. That is why we chose the Calivita brand, offering a wide range of over 100 high-quality products, from multivitamins and herbal preparations to eco-cosmetics, as well as innovative home electronics.

Find out more about the highest quality products that we have distinguished especially for you from our extensive offer.

Natural dietary supplements

Imagine the highest quality dietary supplements. Whenever technically possible, natural raw materials are used in the production. The priority here is the increasing use of plant active ingredients from organic farming.

In the case of plant extracts, it is important that their valuable substances are found in the products in the largest possible amounts, which means that in production, raw materials containing a high percentage of the active ingredient are preferred.

In addition, both the quality and quantity of ingredients used in products must strictly comply with stringent production regulations and legal regulations, and during the development of products, special attention is paid to the use of naturally occurring - organic chemical forms, because they are better absorbed.

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organic farming
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